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The focus of the UCR Environmental Particle Fate and Transport Laboratory lies at the intersection of physical, chemical, and biological processes in natural and engineered aquatic systems. In particular, work has focused on understanding the factors controlling bacterial and particle adhesion and transport in subsurface environments. Emphasis is on:

(1) the kinetics of bacterial cell adhesion, detachment, and transport,

(2) influence of environmental and metabolic stress on the adhesive nature of bacterial cells,

(3) micro- and molecular scale evaluation of cell surface properties and interactions at interfaces, and

(4) fate and transport of one dimensional nanostructures in porous media.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for real-time observation and evaluation of cell transport processes, characterization of bacterial cells and polymers, and chemical analysis of aqueous solutions and surfaces.

Learn more about Dr. Walker’s NSF Career Award work here.

Ongoing research is funded by the National Science FoundationNational Water Research Institute, the United States Department of AgricultureUC Center for Water ResourcesUC Toxic Substance Research and Teaching Program, UC Marine Council, UC Riverside Academic Senate, UC Regents Fellowship, and the UC Leads and MSRIP programs.